We help identify and demonstrate credibility in several ways:

  • We uncover market research and insights through our content curation brand LearnPatch.
  • We uncover customer insights using our interviewing and listening skills.
  • We reflect on, and debate, how trends shape and impact organisations on our From Scratch podcast.
  • We share those insights across a whole range of mediums – for example, the research insights that our founder Martin Couzins presents each month on Learning Now TV.

These insights are the backbone of what we do. They enable us to create really targeted, insightful communications. And they inform our consultancy and facilitation services.

We pride ourselves on providing quality content, driven by our experience as journalists. All of our work, whether it’s writing, video or consultancy, is backed up by facts, research and industry expertise. Our knowledge, profile and understanding of the corporate learning market, HR and the workplace enable us to provide highly credible content and consultancy.